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Hostel & hotels

Make your stay at VAQATION as comfortable as possible. Enjoy the privacy, comfort, and space in one of the hotels. There are hotel options in different price ranges. More detailed information will be released soon.  

Hotel packages include: 

  • VAQATION regular ticket for 4 days (upgrade to premium ticket possible)

  • 5, 6 or 7 nights in a hotel of your choice 

  • Available for 1 to 10 persons 

  • VAT and City Tax 

  • VAQATION welcome gift 

  • Optional: late check-out on Saturday 29th of August: 13:00 

VAQATION Custom Service Team 

We are ready to help you out with all your questions and requests regarding your Travel & Stay Package.  


A deposit is mandatory for each hotel room. More information about the deposit will be released soon. 

Optional Extras:

  • Airport shuttle service from different airports

  • Q-dance Travel provides several bus travels options all over Europe. You can easily choose your preferred departure location on top of your package deal during your booking process

More detailed information will be released soon